Tabletop Player's Day

Tabletop Player's Day, by Gamer Monkeys

Tabletop Player's Day is a yearly event arranged by Gamer Monkeys to celebrate the players and the FLGSs (Friendly Local Gaming Stores) who bring us together as a community.

Started in 2021 by gamers who missed gaming-centric social interaction during the 2020 pandemic, Tabletop Player's Day is our opportunity to support our local gaming shops, and play games with friends and strangers alike (following appropriate local social distancing and safety protocols, of course).

Tabletop Player's Day

When is Tabletop Player's Day?

The first date for Tabletop Player's Day is May 29, 2021.  You celebrate it on that date by bringing friends to your local gaming stores, shopping for goods from a small business, and playing demo games there if they offer space for that.

You can also help promote the store and the gamer holiday by posting about it on social media, #TabletopPlayersDay

Some gaming stores may offer incentives to their shoppers for helping to promote their participation in the day.  Contact your favorite FLGS and ask if they are aware of it, and ask how you can help them promote it.  You can send them to our Tabletop Player's Day for FLGSs page to learn the many ways this can benefit their store, and how to join in. It has free flyers they can print, a link for them to sign up on our Tabletop Player's Day Registry, and cool rewards they can offer participating gamers.


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Tabletop Player's day is an occasion for fun, but please participate safely! Please check your current local health guidelines at the time of the event. If advised, wear a mask and practice social distancing at any in-person gatherings.


Tabletop Player's Day is not affiliated with any person or entity from other tabletop day/s or similar events. We are a small group of tabletop aficionados hoping to spark a community-based event that will last for many years to come!