Tabletop Player's Day for FLGSs

Tabletop Player's Day #TabletopPlayersDay is a holiday started by gamers to celebrate the tabletop players and the FLGSs (Friendly Local Gaming Stores) that form the core community.

Tabletop Player's Day for FLGSs

Benefits for FLGSs

This gamer holiday benefits FLGSs by bringing gamers together in their shops to play demo games and shop with intent to spend their money locally, rather than to big retailers online.

How your FLGS can participate

The gaming community is here to support your FLGS.  Players want a fun, safe place to shop at and play at, that supports the small stores, not big shops like Amazon, Target, and Walmart.

Print and Post the FREE TPD Flyers

Use our FREE Tabletop Player's Day flyers to promote your participation and increase your guest's awareness.

Flyers, Handouts & Official Graphics

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Our registry will allow gamers to search for their local stores, and know who's participating in Tabletop Player's Day so they can come join your events!
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Suggested Activities & Events

Tabletop Player's Day

While the events you run will be individual to your store, we've compiled this section to give you some ideas and get started!

Run a Raffle

Guests to your store will purchase raffle tickets, and you will draw winners for board games, expansions, posters, autographed swag, and other items.

You will gauge how many items you use for prizes based on the number of tickets sold (the amount earned) to make sure that you aren't awarding more than you planned on.

Show off the possible raffle prizes in a display case, and continue to add to it as raffle tickets sell.

Suggested raffle ticket prices:  $1, $2, or $5

Run a Giveaway

This is a separate raffle run to encourage customers to bring guests, participate in promoting your participation in Tabletop Player's Day, and other activities to promote your store.

Examples of activities that earn free tickets for the giveaway:

  • Bringing a guest
  • Posting about the event beforehand on social media
    • Re-tweeting you, Sharing your FB post, etc.
  • Buying a game above a specified value



Tabletop Player's day is an occasion for fun, but please participate safely! Please check your current local health guidelines at the time of the event. If advised, wear a mask and practice social distancing at any in-person gatherings.


Tabletop Player's Day is not affiliated with any person or entity from other tabletop day/s or similar events. We are a small group of tabletop aficionados hoping to spark a community-based event that will last for many years to come!