Tabletop Player's Day Handouts

Printables for Stores Participating in TPD

Tabletop Player's Day half size flyer

Half Size Flyers

Intended to be printed 2 to a page.

Full Size Flyers

Fits on a page of printer paper. Great for putting up in your window!

Tabletop Player's Day Graphics to Share on Socials



We suggest filling the bank spaces with information such as:

  • When Tabletop Player's Day is
  • How you're participating
  • Activities you have planned
  • A schedule of events/streams
  • Your favorite FLGS you'd like to promote!



This section is still growing and evolving!
If you don't see the type of graphic you were looking for, please let us know. 


Tabletop Player's day is an occasion for fun, but please participate safely! Please check your current local health guidelines at the time of the event. If advised, wear a mask and practice social distancing at any in-person gatherings.


Tabletop Player's Day is not affiliated with any person or entity from other tabletop day/s or similar events. We are a small group of tabletop aficionados hoping to spark a community-based event that will last for many years to come!