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Hey all~! Welcome to the first ever BK Reviews!
This time we are going to focus on an old school game called "7 Days to Die." This game was released back on December 13, 2013 and is an excellent gatherer style game with a post-apocalyptic combat style. In a standard world there is a bloodmoon every 7 days where you get swarmed all night long by zombies! Can you conquer the horde or will you be devoured?


At the start of this game you’re encouraged to complete beginner quests that introduce you to the gathering and crafting system of the game. While simple in nature this fundamental part introduces new gamers to navigating 7D2D's user interfaces, learn how to search for uses of items you have, or look up items you have not found yet. How you use the item interface system will determine how well you can progress in the tiers of items. Will you be stuck on stone axes or will you be using steel tools by day break? The end of the quest chain leads you to the trader - who is the only variety of NPC in the game. The trader is the beginning of your questing and shopping life in 7D2D. May the most dukes win!7 Days to Die Inventory Page: your basic inventory with your item UI on the left where you can look up everything you need


There are several types of traders that can all give you one active quest at a time and each have their own shops. Where are they all located? good luck exploring! The quests range from buried treasure hunts to zombie extermination requests. Quests typically reward you with bonus experience, an item and dukes! Dukes are the primary currency of 7D2D and allow you to purchase things from Traders. The best part is that if you’re stuck unable to find an item needed for progression you can sometimes buy it from the trader.7D2D Trader (Trader Jen is best Trader)

Now what can you use that bonus experience for? 7D2D has an amazing skill system that allows you to customize skill sets. While yes, you can grind to level 7234789 to get all the skill points you need, optimizing your starting skills can completely change how the game progression feels. Want to be a stealthy assassin that depends on bows and arrows? Want to be a Arnold Schwarzenegger Rambo Commando Terminator-style character who runs and guns without fear of death, while emptying out fifteen thousand rounds from a 30 round magazine? Want to be Bob the builder? How you choose your initial skill points can make any of these styles possible until you reach the peak of skill points and ascend to your final form, SSJ SKILL LORD!7D2D Skill menu, open to the strength tab (one of 6 different skill tabs available)

The difficulty of the game goes from beginner to I-Hate-My-Life-Why-Did-I-Do-This and is completely customizable. Made the game too hard for your first try? Log out and set it back to easy. BAM! Problem solved. Made the game too easy for a pro like you? Log out and set to insanity BAM! You died just by logging back in. This feature is by far the best implementation of difficulty scaling I’ve ever seen. Feeling like grinding out a super hard world but you don't want to start at that level from the very beginning? Customize your game to be easy, then ramp the difficulty up when you're ready or vise versa.

7D2D also allows for multiplayer where you and your friends can come together to try and survive the zombie apocalypse. It's definitely not the place where one of your friends does all the work and the rest of your friends only join in to eat all your food and steal your best guns while you're out gathering iron to reinforce your base! Along with peer to peer play there is also a diverse amount of servers that range from regular game play from PvE only, to PvP only, to combos of both. All the way to modded servers that provide unique experiences to the game with the vast amount of online gamer pros just like us!

7D2D mods (you can truly find anything you want - this is page 1 of 1000)The thing that keeps this game alive to this day is the ability to create and use modded versions of the game. Don't like that engines don't stack? You can download a mod that allows you to stack 25,000 of every item. Not happy with the speed of travel? BAM! Lightning books that make you move faster than your alienware alpha i3 14-year-old 3.7gb ram computer can handle! Want tougher mobs? Customized skins? Game modes? You name it they got it. But what if they don't got it? You can make it! (Programming skills not included with game purchase.)


With all these things included, I give 7 Days To Die a 7 out of 3 on the BK gamer scale.


See you next time, and feel free to drop by the stream for interactive gamer rage at being old and playing video games still. www.twitch.tv/BrettKelly89Brett Kelly twitch logo (Just click the pic and follow the stream <3 )

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