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Thank you guys for checking out our event guide! Now that the event is over, what are you gonna do with your new Kamera? Well, it's been hinted that the gadget will be re-used for future events! While it's not guaranteed they'll be in the exact same format, future Kurious Special Kamera events are likely to reuse some mechanics, so this post is for you if you ever need to review them/want to get ahead for the next event!

And stay tuned for our upcoming Genshin articles, including new guides and some lore-analysis pieces!

The Kurious Kamera, as featured in the Five Flushes of Fortune event banner which was it's debut event.

[This info is based off of personal testing and verification.
Up to date as of the Five Flushes of Fortune Event in February 2021]

Special Kamera

Special Kamera description as seen in the player's inventory (as of Feb 2021). Note the difference in appearance from both the regular and Kurious Kameras.After the exchange period for Five Flushes of Fortune concluded, players could complete the quest 'Perfect Shot' and get their Kurious Kamera upgraded to a Special Kamera. Ji Tong discovered that this peculiar version of Kamera is powered by potions that each have different effects, and topped up the Special Kamera with one of the potions. Future events will most likely have Ji Tong returning with different potions for our Kamera (thus changing the use a bit).

For now though it functions just like the regular Kamera gadget, but with a sparkly golden border effect! The textured gold border remains the same, but the sparkle and circle effects change every time you take a photo!

A screenshot of Xiao flying at night, taken with the Special Kamera as evidenced by the sparkly gold border. [credit Elsie]

Basic Mechanics

From the Five Flushes of Fortune event in Feb 2021, details may change for future events.

  • Once equipped, use Kurious Kamera with your hotkey or by pressing 'Z'
    • It takes photos automatically when a valid item is in the viewer for long enough.
  • You can only take photos of subjects that match today's color and type. Other subjects will not register in the viewfinder. (Ex, an apple will count for "Red Item," but a red building will not.)
  • You get 10 sheets of film per day.
  • You can't take multiple photos of the same subject, you have to go find another one.
    • But if it's something you collect multiple times like Berries or Jueyun Chilis, you can get a photo for each item on the bush!
  • Taking a photo does not automatically harvest the item.
  • The Kurious Kamera cannot be used in domains. It can be used in combat, but if you are hit the Kamera viewfinder will automatically close.
  • Don't be afraid to zoom or adjust (it can be really helpful for capturing creatures without scaring them or entering combat).
  • If you are in Dragonspine, the Sheer Cold meter will continue to charge. However, the usual warning frost border will not show up while you're in the Kurious Kamera viewfinder.


Subject1 Known Possible Disproven, Exceptions
Red Item Jueyun Chili
Calla Lily
Windwheel Aster
Scarlet Quartz
Blue Item Glaze Lily
Mist Flower
Small Lamp Grass
Noctilucous Jade
Yellow Item Mushroom
Cor Lapis2
Philanemo Mushroom
2They do work, but may take some trial with angles
Brown Item Pinecone
Philanemo Mushroom
Purple Item Wolfhook
Electro Crystal
Red Creature Sun Crab
Red Lizard
Pyro enemies
Large Dendro Slime
Slime Bomb
Blue Creature Anemo Crystalfly
Cryo Crystalfly
Hydro enemies
Cryo enemies
Ocean Crab
Snow Fox
Blue-Fin Bass
Blue Frog

Slime Bomb

Yellow Creature Geo Crystalfly
Geo enemies
Mutant Electro Slimes
Golden Crab
Mud Frog
Golden Bass
Brown Creature Boar
Geo enemies
Non-elemental enemies

Some birds
Ruin Guard/Hunter
Dendro Samachurl?

 Only some pigeons
Purple Creature
Electro enemies

1 Presumably all enemies of the appropriate elements will work, however there may be some exceptions or certain enemies that will count for more than one color. (It has been confirmed that some items count for more than one color. Ex, Sunsettia for red and yellow items.)



See this post for maps and suggested locations from the previous event.

Don't be shy! Feel free to tell us your thoughts about future events, or if you have any new discoveries about subjects and the Kurious Kamera!

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