Caring for Your Gaming Apparel

Posted by Elsie K on

Congrats! You've found the perfect gaming shirt. The clever wordplay and obscure memes will bring you joy and head nods for ages. To be perfectly honest, you might just live in this shirt for a while.


However, unlike your adamantine armor, fabric is not indestructible. While any t-shirt out there will wear down over time, we're here to tell you the best way to protect those cool designs!

  • turn the garment inside out
  • wash on cold, use gentle detergent
  • do not use bleach*
  • hang dry, or dry on low heat

The most important things to remember are to avoid bleach and heat (especially when drying for the latter).

*Some detergents that are not advertised as bleach may contain bleach anyways. For example "color brightening" detergent should not be used!


Now that you're armed with the basics of best care, go forth and protect your shirts, young adventurer!

~Gamer Monkeys

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