Queen's Gambit

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So, many of us have seen or heard of The Queen's Gambit on Netflix...
Has watching the show got you interested in chess, or were you commenting on strategy as you watched the show?
Stay tuned for our guide on the actual chess move 'the queen's gambit'!
(Update 1-26 The post is up!)
Netflix poster for The Queen's Gambit
Also, it was based on a book from the early 1980s!
Anyone care to comment on which they liked better?

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  • @Michael Mkpadi Wow! That’s great!
    Loved hearing your thoughts :)

    Gamer Monkeys on
  • The tv series and the book were slightly different and both enjoyable. I’d say it’s a draw!

    I built a demo game for The Queen’s Gambit 😄

    Michael Mkpadi on

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