Genshin Impact "Five Flushes of Fortune" Event Guide

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Just last night Genshin Impact 1.3 rolled out, and this morning we're getting the new events rolling with Ji Tong's Kurious Kamera in "Five Flushes of Fortune." This event might be a little confusing at first, but don't worry, we've got you covered!

Event took place in February 2021.

To start the event, pay a visit to Ji Tong in Liyue Harbor and get the Kurious Kamera (Gadget) from him. He'll ask you to take photos of certain bright colored objects. Now here's where I spent some time running around the map to find bright red locations, but you need to be looking for collectible items on your map such as fruit or flowers.
Update Day 2: the target subject type will change each day in addition to color (you may be looking for an item, creature, or something else). Check the event page in-game, or scroll down to learn more!

Let's take a better look at the actual event mechanics, or skip to the "photo subjects" section to find out which items in Genshin you can take photos of.
Update: you can also visit this post for even more information current and future photo subjects!

Despite being red, background objects are NOT photographable. The Kurious Kamera view when no valid event items are in the viewer.

The Basics

The goal of the event is to get at least one photo of each color (Crimson, Ultramarine, Pale Gold, Ochre, and Purple Aster) and turn them in to Ji Tong for rewards. To get these photos you'll need to take pictures of objects with your Kurious Kamera, but since the "subject" and "photo" colors seem like they would correlate the event can be a bit misleading.

The simple version is each day there will be a new target color and taking a picture of those objects will give you an event photo of any color randomly.
Still confused? If today's target is "red" and I take a picture of red Jueyun Chilis I can still get an "Aquamarine" event photo.

This means you don't have to hunt down individual items to get all the colors! Simply find a patch of items that are today's color and snap photos of 10 of them. Speaking of, here are a couple more considerations:

  • Once equipped, use Kurious Kamera with your hotkey or by pressing 'Z'
    • It takes photos automatically when a valid item is in the viewer!
  • You get 10 sheets of film per day.
  • You can't take multiple photos of the same subject, you have to go find another one.
    • But if it's something you collect multiple times like Berries or Jueyun Chilis, you can get a photo for each item on the bush!
  • You can only take photos of subjects that match today's color. Other color items will not register in the viewfinder.
  • Taking a photo does not automatically harvest the item.
  • The Kurious Kamera cannot be used in domains. It can be used in combat, but if you are hit the Kamera viewfinder will automatically close.
  • Don't be afraid to zoom or adjust (it can be really helpful for capturing creatures without scaring them or entering combat).

A single Jueyun Chili (red item) selected in Kurious Kamera view.

Photo Swap

Since the photo colors are random you may not get certain colors at all. Luckily you can get them from your friends!

On the event page click "Photo Swap" and you'll see your friends as well as how many photos of each color they have. You can send photos to your friend by clicking the icons next to their name, and you can see what others have sent to you by switching to the "Recieve" tab at the top of the screen.
You can store up to 50 unclaimed photos at a time which is plenty for most players, but if your friends are super active be sure to check! If your unclaimed photos exceed 50, they will get deleted as new ones come in.

Be sure to help out your friends and send photos they are missing! After all, they'll probably do the same for you.


Once you have a photo of each color you can turn them in to Ji Tong for a Fortune Trove. You can make this exchange up to 8 times throughout the event!

Each Fortune Trove will contain 60 Primogems and one (1) of the following at random:

  • 12 Hero's Wit
  • 24 Mystic Enhancement Ore
  • 120,000 Mora

There are also two Battle Pass tasks related to this event:

  • send or receive 1 photo = 1200 BEP
  • claim 7 Fortune Troves = 1200 BEP

Photo Subjects

Since some of these items take a few days to respawn, you may wish to plan accordingly and refrain from harvesting them. You could even mark some patches on your map in preparation for certain color days!

Today Staff Suggestion Confirmed Subjects1 2 Possible Subjects
Day 5
Mushroom N of Statue in
Sea of Clouds;
Cor Lapis at Mt. Hulao
Cor Lapis4
Day 6
Boar herd near well in Brightcrown Canyon Boar
Geo enemies
Non-elemental enemies
Some birds
Dendro Samachurl
Ruin Guard/Hunter
Day 7
Slimes by Jueyun Karst teleport; Electro Cicin/Mage on Wuwang Hill Electro Enemies

(1) Presumably all enemies of the appropriate element will count, but they are too exhaustive to list individually.
(2) As of Day 5 (Yellow Item) it has been confirmed that some subjects can count for more than one color. (Namely Sunsettia and Snapdragon as Red or Yellow Items.)
(3) Please be advised, only Mushroom works for Yellow Item. Not Matsutake or Philanemo Mushroom.
(4) Some Cor Lapis seem to be glitched, but most will work.

Check our other post for maps & info on upcoming days!


After the Event

The event itself will only last 7 days, and the Kurious Kamera will cease to function after that. However, the exchange will still remain open for 3 days after that, so be sure to trade with your friends and get enough photos claim all your Fortune Troves!

Although the Kurious Kamera will not work after the event, it seems that it will stay in your inventory, given that it doesn't have an expiration timer like the Treasure-Seeking Seelie did. It has also been hinted that this mysterious gadget will come into play for future events too!

"Ji Tong may have other tasks that require the services of the Kurious Kamera even after the event has ended..."



Tell us about your own Genshin event experience in the comments!
Do you have new subjects to suggest or confirm? Let us know. They may even get added to the guide!

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