Event Subject Guide - Genshin "Five Flushes of Fortune"

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Looking for exactly which subjects will count for the event every day? Trying to get ahead for tomorrow? This article will go list everything we know so far, as well as subjects we expect will work, and our personal recommendations for easy collecting.

If you're just getting started, you may be looking for this post instead to learn more about the event in general.

Event took place in February 2021.

A single Jueyun Chili (red item) selected in Kurious Kamera view.


Additionally, information is labelled Day 1, Day 2, etc. for easy searching!


Photo Subjects


Subject Color Staff Suggestions Confirmed Subjects5 6
Day 7
Slimes by Jueyun Karst teleport; Electro Cicin/Mage on Wuwang Hill Electro enemies
Day 6
Boar herd near well in Brightcrown Canyon Boar
Geo enemies
Non-elemental enemies
Day 5
Mushroom N of Statue in
Sea of Clouds; Cor Lapis at Mt. Hulao
Cor Lapis2
Day 4
Glaze Lily at Yujing Terrace;
Starconch at yaoguang Shoal
Glaze Lily
Mist Flower
Small Lamp Grass
Noctilucous Jade
Day 3
Sun Crab on Starsnatch Island;
enemies near teleport (W of Nantianmen)
Sun Crab
Red Lizard
Pyro enemies
Large Dendro Slime
Day 2
Crystalflies near
Windrise teleport (night);
Dragonspine enemies1
Anemo Crystalfly
Cryo Crystalfly
Hydro enemies
Cryo enemies
Day 1
Jueyun Chili near
Qingce Village teleport
Jueyun Chili
Calla Lily
Windwheel Aster

(1) Be careful of Sheer Cold! The meter will continue to climb in Kamera mode, and the usual frosty warning border will not be visible.
Some Cor Lapis seem to be glitched, but most will work.
(3) Please be advised, only Mushroom works for Yellow Item. Not Matsutake or Philanemo Mushroom.
(4) Only the gray-colored pigeons.
(5) As of Day 5 (Yellow Item) it has been confirmed that some subjects can count for more than one color. (Namely Sunsettia and Snapdragon as Red or Yellow Items.)

(6) Presumably all enemies of the appropriate element will count, but they are too exhaustive to list individually.

[Items] Since some of these items take a few days to respawn, you may wish to plan accordingly and refrain from harvesting them. You could even mark some patches on your map in preparation for certain color days!
[Creatures] The Kurious Kamera cannot be used in domains. It can be used in combat, but if you are hit the Kamera viewfinder will automatically close.

Possible Subjects

This section is theoretical based on patterns so far, noted subjects are currently unconfirmed.

  Item Creature6
Blue   Ocean Crab
Snow Fox
Blue-Fin Bass

Blue Frog
Yellow   Geo Crystalfly
Geo enemies
Mutant Electro Slimes
Golden Crab
Mud Frog
Golden Bass
Brown Pinecone
Philanemo Mushroom
Some birds
Dendro Samachurl
Ruin Guard/Hunter
Purple Wolfhook
Electro Crystal

(6) Some ingredient type creatures may count, but others are unconfirmed.


[Day 7] You'll see a pair of Electro Slimes near 'Taishan Mansion' and the Jueyun Karst Teleport, but if you approach them more will appear for a total of 6 purple Electro Slimes (and 1 yellow one). Don't forget to get some distance before taking pics!
If you teleport to 'Hidden Formula of Zhou Palace' on Wuwang Hill there are several Electro Cicins, as well as an Electro Cicin Mage nearby.

Purple Creatures: Electro Slime location (and yes, my poor Asia account doesn't have the Taishan Mansion Domain unlocked yet) 

[Day 6] If you keep your distance, you can photograph the whole Boar herd without them running off. Fun fact: Hawks are viable subjects, but it's very hard to keep them in frame long enough. Perhaps if you'd like a challenge!

Brown Creature: Boar herd near well (screenshot from author) Brown Creature: a Hawk in Kurious Kamera viewfinder, it is registering as a subject. (This particular one from Huaguang Stone Forest)

[Day 5] The if you follow the path N of the Statue that is N of Liyue, there's a grove of trees with Mushrooms growing at their roots. You will also find a Sunsettia tree, a Berry bush, and some Sweet Grass in the immediate vicinity.

Yellow Item: Mushroom near Sea of Clouds Statue of the Seven Yellow Item: Cor Lapis map

[Day 4] Our recommended spot is Glaze Lilies at Yujing Terrace because they are grouped together and near a teleporter, but there are many other groupings of Blue Items! Glaze Lilies at Qingce Village, Starconches all across Yaoguang Shoal/Guyun Stone Forest, or Mint. Mint is literally everywhere (and grows even more frequently in Dragonspine).

[Day 3] If you're willing to fly out to Starsnatch Island, you can get all 10 photos in one go (all the crabs there are Sun Crabs)!
If not, this is a pretty good place for Pyro enemies (check the plateau NE of the teleport for a grouping of 7 Pyro slimes!)

Red Creatures: Pyro enemies (including 7 Pyro slimes N of the teleport!)

[Day 2] I think the Windrise Tree and Dragonspine region are pretty straightforward, but if you can't take the cold, here's a backup spot. The slimes along this coast should all be Hydro or Cryo.

Blue Creature: slime gathering map

[Day 1] Jueyun Chili map

Red Item: Jueyun Chili map for convenience.

Most maps generated at https://genshin-impact-map.appsample.com/#/

Subjects That Don't Work

This section is based on my personal experiences and experiments.

[Day 1: Red Item] Scarlet Quartz from Dragonspine do not register on the viewfinder. Perhaps because they are a mineral, but I find it more likely due to their nature as a temporary buff rather than an item you can pick up.

Scarlet Quartz in Kurious Kamera viewfinder, not registering as a Red Item.

[Day 2: Blue Creature] While Crystalflies do count, it would seem that common Butterflies are not considered "creatures" for this event. Just in case, I also tried viewing bomb barrels since they have a slime inside of them, but these do not count.

A blue butterfly in Kurous Kamera viewfinder. It is not registering as a Blue Creature. A Cryo slime bomb in Kurious Kamera viewfinder, not registering as a Blue Creature.

[Day 3: Red Creature] While Loaches are a bit red/pink, they do not count.

[Day 4: Blue Items] ...

[Day 5: Yellow Items] Since Qingxin is pictured on the event banner, I thought it might fit the yellow category, but none of those off-white items worked. (Meaning Qingxin, Cecilia, Egg, and Philanemo Mushroom) [Correction: Cor Lapis does work, but there seems to be a glitch where certain individual ones do not.)

[Day 6: Brown Creatures] Ducks did not seem to work during my testing. I found a Mallard Duck (the ones with brown patterning) and followed it with the Kurious Kamera viewfinder for a while, but no luck.

[Day 7: Purple Creatures] ...


Do you have new subjects to suggest or confirm? Did we miss any Red Items or Blue Creatures? Let us know in the comments!They may even be added to the guide!

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