Who even is Gil? (an introduction for new Critical Role fans)

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If you started watching the adventures of the Mighty Nein over quarantine, you may be confused by the occasional exclamation of "Don't f--- me Gil!" as a player makes a roll (or even from the audience in some of the live show recordings).

Well as it turns out, Gil is a Critter just like us! But he's also a blacksmith and dice maker.

Matt Mercer, Liam O'Brien and Gil (cosplaying as the one and only glorious Gilmore) as posted on Matt's twitter

Back in the early days of Critical Role, Gil sent the cast some metal dice that he forged. Soon the mantra of "Don't f--- me Gil!" resounded across the Critical Role set, and then into the hearts of fans.
No one realized how much the phrase would spread. There are t-shirts and stickers, a hashtag #DFMG, and the dreaded response - "Dammit Gil!"

Some of Gil's dice, one of which features the abbreviation DFMG in place of a number. These are forged from a variety of metals, as seen on his Kickstarter

Want to know even more about Gil and his dice? Well you're in luck!
He came on an episode Talks Machina as a guest to answer fan questions, and CritRoleStats has a list of every time he's been mentioned up to Campaign 1, Ep 90! Apparently his dice were pretty lucky at that point, with 25 successes vs. 9 failures recorded on Gil dice. (He does check them for balance. Watch the Talks Machina ep to learn his process or look him up at Gil the Vlogsmith.)

A full set of Gil dice, as seen on his twitter

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